Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chandane Gunawardane- sri lanka - COMSEPT Lanka -Chamathka Publications

Chandana Gunawardana
49 -1/1 pagoda Road,
Sri lanka.

Tel: 2819998


Believes, Confidence, Courageous, Determination and Dedication are the tools of the Success. They Empower the mind, Stimulate the Brain, Energize the Body, Create the more Opportunities, Increase the values and the ability to face Criticism.

The man with these energies Create the history.
Chandane Gunawardane

The knowledge, if you don’t use or don’t love it you lose. Creative Idea also dies unless it becomes reality. The Brain with 1510 nerve sells, you don’t use also lose. The power of Mind and the power of Time, does not use properly, become Disaster as well as.

COMSEPT Lanka – Center for Operating Mind and Self Empowering Programme Training and The Chamathka Publications Establish to develop the capacity of
Mind power to empower the Life. Our entire vision is to establish the Society with Prosperous, happy and Harmony.

Come, Let us work together to achieve super success.